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Restoration Services

At Heritage Showcase, LLC we hand strip furniture and refinish it using semi-gloss lacquer. Any other preferences have to be arranged and agreed upon with us before work is begun. All restoration work is done as “per customer’s instructions”. This means we will only do work that is agreed upon and reasonably charged for.

Restoration services are charged by the extent of work needed, the level of complexity, manageability of the item and time involved in restoring the piece of furniture. Each piece varies. Please make every effort to bring the piece(s) of furniture directly to shop for an on-site, physical analysis of the work needed and the cost to be applied.

At times, we may give a “ball park” figure over the telephone on what it would cost to restore a piece of furniture but it is impossible to accurately visualize the amount of work needed, the level of complexity and the time involved in restoring the piece of furniture. We will not be held to any amount quoted until we physically view, inspect and make a determination of what the cost will be.

We may, at times, also give a “ball park” figure using an email or texted image but we will not be held to any amount for the same reasons stated above.

Pickup and Delivery Service

Generally, we do not do house calls, pick-up, or deliver furniture. Please make these arrangements yourself. If we make an exception, there will be a $40 pick-up fee and a $40 delivery fee to the general Sheboygan area. Pick-up and deliveries are made only to the first level of any facility.

Before Restoration After Restoration
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Before Restoration After Restoration
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