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We Buy

We buy all kinds of antiques, collectibles, art work and partial or complete estates. We can also assist you with liquidating inherited estates or cleaning out condos or apartments. We also assist you in downsizing, moving, or helping a parent or friend move. We deal with the general public, attorneys, banks, landlords, and contractors. All our contacts and communications are kept personal and confidential in order to protect your privacy.

Before you simply give away your items, call us! There is money to be made and there is no need to spend money or time getting rid of the items. We buy one piece or several. We buy strictly to resale so our offers are based on what you have for sale and what you want for it.

If you have something(s) to sell, please stop by the shop or schedule a house call appointment for viewing what you have for sale. We will look in attics, basements, crawl spaces, garages, storage units, barns, sheds, rentals, etc. In some instances, we pick up “free for the hauling”.